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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


From Never Pray To No Display

It is with great sadness, but no surprise, that I have read about the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding public displays of the Ten Commandments. These decisions would apply to any public display using religious symbolism of any kind. Many in the news media have written that the two decisions seem to contradict each other, but they do not. In fact they lay a clear track for the future while preventing an economic debacle.

The decision regarding the display of the Ten Commandments on public land in Texas seems on its surface to involve the same reasoning as Kansas. That is that the Texas display was “intended” for the purposes of showing the history of the law, but the Kansas display was “intended” for religious purposes. The court seems to be saying that the symbol was not the issue, but the intent of those who display the symbol is. In the Texas decision it is assumed that the display was intended for historical documentation of the history of law as are the majority of older displays of the Ten Commandments on government buildings, etcetera. Because the assumption is that “older” displays were intended for a non-religious purpose there is no reason to take any of those displays down. Thus our governmental buildings, such as the ones in Washington D.C., including the one housing our Supreme Court, need not be desecrated or destroyed. Unfortunately, more recent displays such as the one in Kansas can be assumed to be religious based on current social conditions and public temperament.

Any future display, though not illegal outright, is subject to a court test regarding intent and the sole determiners of intent are the adjudicators of the law, the very justices who gave us the two recent court decisions on the Ten Commandment displays. Intent is subjective and will be subjectively determined by the courts in all future cases. Thus any public entity creating any display containing even the most minor religious symbolism will be subject to litigation, expensive litigation, regarding the intent of the displayers. In order to avoid those expenses, no one will risk displaying anything that might be construed as having religious symbolism. The goal of the secularist judiciary in this country is and always has been the eradication of all reference to Christian religion as it relate to the United States of America. They are well on their way to achieving that goal. They began by banning prayer in school and have evolved into the sanctioned murder of the unborn and the partially born. They have removed the Bible as a source for moral reference or a basis for social structure and law. Now they would remove Christianity from the public view.

I don’t generally discuss political issues in the context of my personal, deeply held beliefs in the Deity and reality of Jesus Christ. Usually I prefer to discuss the individual’s relationship with God through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe the world is best changed one person at a time. However, today I feel compelled to make these comments. Too many Christians in the United States seem to think that God favors one particular political party over another. Because they do, they tend to support the actions of members of that party without taking time to balance that activity in light of what Christ would have us do as individuals in given situations. Both major parties from time to time have claimed to be the party of Christian Americans. Neither of them is. This is not now nor has it ever been a Christian country. Many countries have claimed to be Christian countries throughout history and those same institutions have done horrible things in the name of Jesus Christ that proved they were not acting as disciples of that same Jesus Christ. It took those who claimed to be conservative and those who claimed to be liberal to make these court decisions. These judges were appointed by both conservative and liberal presidents and were approved by both conservative and liberal Congresses.

The American church has been playing by society’s rules and living by society’s values for too long. It is time for us, Christians in America, to recognize who we are and who we serve. We need to stop putting our hopes on men and women we elect according to society's rules and go back to relying on God for everything. We have socialized Christianity instead of Christianizing society. How can we hope to bring others to reliance on God through Jesus Christ when we aren’t relying on Him ourselves? At least we aren’t relying on Him in a way that others can see. They see us doing things the same way they do and failing. What would attract them to a set of values that aren’t even followed by those who profess them?

Okay, I am done ranting for today. I hope my main point wasn’t lost in the ire I displayed in the last paragraph. The world does not want Jesus or those who follow Him. It never has. American society is doing its level best to remove the very concept of Christ’s existence from its sight, hearing and history. We need to stop trying to make this a Christian country and just focus on bringing Christ to our neighborhoods.

As always I am yours in Christ,



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